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How to Get Money Online by Watching Videos?

Get Money online by watching videos

How to Get Money online by Watching Videos? interestingly the internet today provides a plethora of chances for earning money. There are several methods to make money online, including through freelancing, remote employment, and even something as basic as watching movies. According to research, India’s digital economy is predicted to rise by a remarkable 6x by 2030, hitting $1 trillion.

Watching videos is a fascinating way to get money online that has helped a lot of people. There are real websites and applications that let you earn money by merely viewing movies, despite the fact that it may seem too good to be true.

Studies estimate that the typical individual will spend 100 minutes each day watching videos online, making video consumption a common pastime. The idea of “getting paid to watch videos online” is very simple: businesses seek to increase their market share and advertise their goods and services, frequently through video. They reward viewers who interact with these videos as a consequence.

While not a quick-rich plan, this might be a useful method to supplement your income while at home. The extra money might be used to pay bills, put money aside for a trip, or finance your interests. Here is a tutorial on how to utilize your smartphone to watch videos while earning money that is especially helpful for new users looking to supplement their income.

Here are five opportunities to watch videos online and get money, each with a brief description:

  1. Swag bucks

Earning Possibilities / Functionality: Swag bucks may be earned by viewing videos, completing surveys, and making purchases online.

  1. Inbox Dollars

Earning Possibilities / Functionality: Get compensated for online video viewing, email reading, and survey participation.

  1. My Points

Earning Possibility / Functionality: Accumulate points for online purchases, video watching, and survey participation.

  1. Nielsen Computer and Mobile

Earning Possibilities / Functionality:

Generate passive revenue by allowing market research to access the data from your device.5. Prize  Rebel


Earning Opportunity / Functionality: Complete surveys, and tasks, and watch videos to earn rewards and cash.

  1. iRazoo App

Earning Possibilities / Features: Get paid to view videos, play games, and complete tasks.

  1. Roz Dhan

Earning Possibilities / Functionality: Get paid for sharing articles, recommending friends, and carrying out regular activities.

Viggle 8.

Earn money by watching movies online, on TV, and through the Viggle app. Earning opportunity.

  1. Vindale Analysis

Functionality / Earning Opportunity: Watch and get paid, do surveys, and take part in research investigations.

  1. D Tube

Earning Possibilities / Functionality: Use this decentralized platform to publish and interact with videos to monetize your work.

We’ve gathered a selection of websites in this section that enable you to view videos and get money by completing surveys and introducing friends. These websites can help you generate a small amount of extra income or build a reliable source of revenue.


  1. Swag bucks

One of the most well-known websites that reward you for viewing movies is Swag Bucks’ In addition to watching video commercials, you may make money online by playing games, surfing the web for offers, and shopping. You can purchase at more than 1,500 merchants using Swag bucks to earn cashback. Receiving rewards or bonuses when you purchase online is uncommon, but Swag bucks change everything. Additionally, you may exchange your points for gift cards from Amazon and Walmart, two of your preferred online merchants. They also provide a $10 welcome bonus and cash through PayPal.

  1. Inbox Dollars

By watching video advertising, you can quickly earn money online with Inbox Dollars. You may view a selection of video content from them on your laptop or smartphone. In a 24-hour period, 30 videos are the most you may watch. The themes cover a wide spectrum, including news, technology, gastronomy, entertainment, and celebrity rumors. Most films pay between 5 and 25 cents per view, however, occasionally you may make up to $25. Gift cards from retailers like Amazon and Walmart can also be redeemed, and payments are transferred to your PayPal account. Every Wednesday, payments are handled.

  1. My Points

The same market research firm that operates Swag bucks also runs My Points, which has been around since 1996. Members of My Points may earn points in addition to watching advertisements by participating in surveys, playing games, reading emails, recommending friends, and conducting online searches. You must watch the complete playlist in order to get and use points. You may exchange your points for PayPal cash Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

  1. Nielsen Computer and Mobile

This one has interest. You are paid by Nielsen for internet activities like purchasing and watching movies. They provide you with money in exchange for your data sharing because they respect your time. Install the Nielsen mobile app, and they’ll compensate you with money or gift cards while you’re online. It’s a simple approach to generating revenue from your internet presence.

  1. Prize Rebel

On the online rewards platform Prize Rebel, you may get paid for viewing movies, checking out different offers, filling out surveys, and introducing friends. Prize Rebel is unique in that it gives you the freedom to select your prizes, whether they be cash or gift cards.

  1. the IRazoo App

The iRazoo App is a well-liked option if you want to watch videos while making money. By watching different types of video material on iRazoo TV, users may accrue points. It’s a simple platform where you can unwind, watch movies, and see your points increase.

  1. Roz Dhan

An app called Roz Dhan gives users the chance to get money by viewing movies and taking part in other tasks. In addition to recommending friends and sharing articles, you may do chores to earn points. You may exchange these points for money, cellphone recharges, or gift cards.

  1. Viggle

By watching films, and TV episodes, or streaming your preferred material, you may earn incentives on the fun platform Viggle. While viewing TV or streaming content, you can simply check in with the Viggle app to get points for the time you spend doing so.

The points you accumulate on Viggle may be redeemed for fantastic prizes, just as on other websites that pay you to view movies. This includes merchandise, gift cards to well-known retailers, and even the option to contribute your money to a good cause. Viggle rewards your commitment while making it enjoyable to connect with your preferred media.

  1. Vindale Research

Market research is the focus of the internet site Vindale Research. It gives you the opportunity to earn money by viewing movies, completing surveys, and taking part in research projects.

What’s best? For providing your ideas and comments on various goods and services, you are compensated financially. Vindale Research focuses on providing you with a forum to express your ideas and, in exchange, pays you for your priceless time and contribution. It is renowned for its simple approach to assisting you in making money through market research.

Thus, these two platforms enable you to easily consume your favorite material or express your ideas while also putting some more money or prizes in your pocket.

  1. DTube

Short for “decentralized tube,” DTube is a blockchain-based video-sharing network. By decentralizing content hosting and reward distribution, it provides an alternative to centralized video-sharing services. While users watch and interact with the content, receiving cryptocurrency incentives, mostly in the form of STEEM tokens, content producers may post and share videos.

The following advice will help you get the most out of your video-watching experience and increase your earnings:

Consider platforms with high rates of video viewing and affordable rewards.

Make a timetable to do video duties regularly.

Fill up your user information completely to get better video recommendations.

Choose platforms that have informative and interactive information.

promote friends


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